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The Riad Jardin Secret got its second life thanks to Cyrielle and Julien, a creative duo from Paris who spent over 10 years working in the high trenches of the fashion industry.

In search of a more authentic life, the two Morocco-aficionados moved to Marrakech, where after months of research and visits through the maze that is the Marrakech medina, they found in a discrete passageway, a refuge of peace and inspiration. 

We pushed two grand cedar doors that led us to the sumptuous and intimate palace we now call home. Here, organic elements and ornamentations come together in the most authentic expression of Moroccan architecture.
Magic unravels. Time stops.

Le Riad Jardin Secret was born. 


A historically rich and “anti-modern” place


Here, in addition to creating Riad Jardin Secret, they founded RIGŌT•TANG, a Marrakech-based studio at the crossroad of their passions for photography and interior design. Known for their authentic, sincere and spontaneous aesthetic, the pair offers services in film photography and interior design, They have collaborated with brands and publishers such as Assouline, Gestalten, The Telegraph, Elle Decor, Majestic Disorder and Air France Magazine. Working exclusively on film, Cyrielle’s work invites us to contemplate the richness of the present day, whether it is a Moroccan landscape, an instant, a face or a gaze that will remain frozen for even. Rigot Tang transport us in a world so real in emotion, it needs no artifice.

Selected prints are available for sale on appointment, at Riad Jardin Secret and online through private requests. Rigot Tang’s work ships worldwide.


Riad Jardin SECRET Family / Contributor


Carley Page: We first met Carley in 2016, during her second trip to Marrakech. She was here for work and as soon as she arrived at the Riad, we immediately fell in love with her. Her amazing positive energy, combined with her sensitive creativity, made it obvious to us -- we wanted, one day, to eventually collaborate with her! Today, we’d like to thank her for making the most beautiful pictures of our six rooms, and for having a really fun day, styling the rooms together. Carlay, you are definitely part of our Family !



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Tamy Emma Pepin: Tamy sent us an email when she was in Marrakech in 2016. She wanted to meet us and visit our secret garden. As soon as we read her, we understood that she was a very good writer. But that’s not all! This beautiful, independent, and successful woman from Canada became a real friend to us. When Tamy comes to Morocco, we always hit the road for a few days, as she shares the same passion as we do for Morocco, its people, its landscape, its light. Tamy is also a very interesting person to photograph -- always spontaneous and natural. Today, we would like to thank her for all the beautiful memories, and for her precious help translating a part of  this website. Tamy, we love you!





The Moroccans: When we moved to Marrakech, we were looking for a Moroccan brand to support and to collaborate with for our hotel’s products. We bumped into Mouad and Mohcyne in 2017. There was a profound sense of complicity as soon as we met. Mouad and Mohcyne soon told us about their philosophy and how they created their organic products. We shared the same values and interest in products made with local and natural ingredients. (Every plant and oil used in their products comes from Morocco’s most reputed natural reserve). We decided to move quickly, but thoughtfully, all together. Mohacine created a beautiful illustration cementing the branding of our partnership, while we chose the delicate smell of our soap, shampoo, cream and conditioner. Magic unravelled through this collaboration! Today, we would like to thank Mouhad and Mohacine for giving bliss to all our guests who enjoyed the natural & sulfate-free products available in all our rooms and in our shop.



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Kelley Mullarkey: We’ll never forget how we met Kelley! Kelley arrived to the Riad straight from a trip in the Sahara and…. she had full-on food poisoning! Her check-in was swift. She went directly to her room and didn’t come out for the next 48 hours! We even wondered if she was still alive! The moment she felt better, we were pleased to meet a curious woman, full of life and with mostly, with a big heart. We sat for hours talking about everything -- the opening of our Riad, vegetarianism, African culture, travel, her magazine Majestic Disorder, and her story with Sean, her husband and precious collaborator. We quickly realized we shared the same philosophies on life, people, animals, food, art, culture and love. Since the beginning of our adventures with the Riad, Kelley has also shown us unwavering support. That is why, today, we’d like to thank her sincerely for being such a good friend to us -- always positive and encouraging. Kelley, you are a part of our story here, your home away from home will always be here for you


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Our Team: Obviously Riad Jardin Secret won’t be the same without our crew. We can’t be grateful enough, they do their best everyday to make our guests feel at home.  

Chef Mohamed, Safaa and Ismail who share with us their passions for healthy food. 

Rajae who put all her heart to make your rooms confortable. 

Youssef aka Mr Happy, for bringing joy everyday thanks to his beautiful soul.