Jardin secret

A friendly riad in the Marrakech Medina, celebrating time-honored classics and creative gumption. A hip hotel next to the Koutoubia mosque & Atlas ...Best rates Guaranteed, Book Direct.


The riad’s name is no accident – the address is whispered amongst the initiated like a best-kept secret. To gain access you must be in the know.

Legend has it that the ‘Secret Garden’ was the folly of a rich Marrakchi, who built two almost identical riads side by side to house his lovers. One of the women was his favourite and he dedicated this beautiful setting to hide the immense love he had for her.

Behind the hidden door, you are enveloped by the magic of this little palace that seems straight out of 1000 & 1 Nights.

 The mix of zelliges and stuccos transport us to the heart of the Moorish civilisation. The magic unfolds. The riad seems suspended in time. 



-Riad Jardin Secret -

43 - 46 Arset Aouzal Bab Doukkala Marrakech


Tél: +212 5 24 37 66 06


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